I am so happy to be able to call Athina my wife. It is so exciting to know that I have a partner for life. Someone with whom I get to enjoying the wonders of this life. She is quite the adventurer just as I am. We have literally planed long trips out of the blue just the night before we leave. What a better way to enjoy our first few weeks as husband and wife in two different countries. We went to Spain and Ireland for our honeymoon! I had never spent a full 24 hour day with her, and this was glorious way to start. I had never been to Europe before, but I feel like we go the whole experience. We got to stay at a vintage hotel built on/in a rock next to the ocean, drive to tiny towns away from tourists, drive on both sides of the street (that was interesting with a stick shift), eat great food, enjoy the heat of Spain, and the cool breeze of the coast of Ireland. We met so many great people on our trip. We got to play the newlywed card several times and got pampered with the royal treatment by wonderful people that truly loved on us though we had never met before! I feel like I could write forever about our adventures together. We were gone for a bit over three weeks and these are some of the shots I took in Ireland. All photos were taken on medium format film. It was clearly the best way to capture our trip! (Spain will be on the next post)

      All photos shot with Pentax 645N and Kodak Portra 160 film

      Ireland_007 Ireland_Double_01 Ireland_023 Ireland_001 Ireland_Double_02 Ireland_006 Ireland_022 Ireland_Double_05 Ireland_026 Ireland_027 Ireland_Double_04 Ireland_024 Ireland_002 Ireland_030 Ireland_036 Ireland_037 Ireland_034 Ireland_005 Ireland_008 Ireland_035 Ireland_004 Ireland_032 Ireland_033 Ireland_Double_03 Ireland_029 Ireland_003 Ireland_031 Ireland_028 Ireland_020 Ireland_012 Ireland_021 Ireland_015 Ireland_016 Ireland_014 Ireland_019 Ireland_013 Ireland_017 Ireland_018 Ireland_010 Ireland_Double_06 Ireland_Double_07 Ireland_011 Ireland_009



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