"All photographers are artists, but I also take pride in being an artisan. An artisan is someone who skillfully and meticulously creates by hand, never mass-producing their work.

      My desire as an artisan is to make photos that are full of life and express beauty in an honest and organic nature. Tools such as film photography allow me to slow down and turn an eye to detail in order to document moments that are meaningful.

      For this reason, I am drawn to the disappearing value of the tangible. I advocate for printed art, as photos are meant to live not just on hard drives but in printed form, where you can touch and feel the moments captured."

      Carlos Hernandez photography Cannon Beach Family Photos Portland Oregon

      "As an artist, it is my passion to preserve feelings and emotions in a timeless and authentic way."

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      In a more personal note, I am married to my Finnish goddess, Athina, and we have a little boy together. Athina is the mastermind behind our business and I couldn't do it without her. We call Portland Oregon our home, but we can't seem to stay grounded for too long. We love to travel, meet new people and eat great food.

      A little fun

      • I bought my first camera when I was 10, I paid with 50 coke caps and 20 pesos
      • My guilty pleasure: old reruns of Seinfeld, and documentaries
      • My guilty pleasure: old reruns of Seinfeld
      • I really enjoy jazz music
      • My favorite band is MuteMath
      • I'm a civil engineer, and a physicist... yes I do love math
      • I love the smell of coffee, but not so much the taste
      • I was born in Mexico
      • Despite contrary belief I don’t like very spicy food
      • My extended family is enormous


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