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      Photo of Carlos Hernandez, Portland Wedding Photographer. Wearing blue slacks and a white collard shirt sitting on a green velvet couch by the window. Captured by Brian Whitt


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      Carlos Hernandez, an acclaimed wedding photographer based in Portland OR, has traveled the world capturing love in breathtaking settings for sophisticated and daring couples. His timeless imagery draws inspiration from both the Renaissance masters and contemporary fashion. The art he creates is tasteful and elegant, designed to endure for generations. With his expertise and artistic vision, Carlos ensures that each photograph is a work of art that will stand the test of time.

      portland wedding photography of bride in white Emily Riggs dress holding a wild bouquet and walking through a wild flower arrangement near the Columbia River in Hood River OR. Captured by portland wedding photographer Carlos Hernandez


      "From the early 1820s, when the first photo was taken, people have understood their significance. We are captivated by the idea of preserving memories. We desire to capture precious moments, so we can revisit them in the future. As a fine art photographer, I focus on crafting a narrative that portrays your love in a tangible manner, brimming with vitality and grace. In my years of experience I have created a classic aesthetic that is sophisticated and graceful. This guarantees that your photographs will be cherished by future generations."


      Portland Wedding Photography of white cake with colorful florals with a white stripped background. Taken by global wedding photographer Carlos Hernandez
      Bride and groom on their wedding day kissing in front of Waverley Country Club in Portland Oregon. Photo by Carlos Hernandez
      Moody photo of barefoot bride in long dress running. Portland wedding photographer
      Italy wedding photography of bride in a white dress, barefoot, holding a bouquet entering doorway. Taken by global destination wedding photographer Carlos Hernandez
      Christian Louboutin white wedding shoes with florals on a flatlay. Itally wedding photographer Carlos Hernandez
      Filoli wedding photography of groom in black tux dancing with guests surrounded by lights. Photo by global wedding photographer Carlos Hernandez
      Filoli wedding photography in Woodside California of bar seen through a glass arched door. Photo taken by global destination wedding photographer Carlos Hernandez
      Italy wedding photography of bride zipping up white Christian Louboutin wedding shoes in wedding gown sitting by window. Photo taken by global destination wedding photographer Carlos Hernandez
      Portland Wedding photography of groom getting ready with all groomsmen at Woodlark Hotel. Photo taken by Portland wedding photographer Carlos Hernandez
      Hood River wedding photography of bride in white dress walking through fields of wild yellow flowers. Photo taken by portland OR wedding photographer Carlos Hernandez
      Paris wedding photography of Eiffel tower during sunset. Captured by global destination wedding photographer Carlos Hernandez
      Portland Oregon wedding photography in Powell Butte Park of couple holding hands walking away during sunset on their engagement session. Bride is wearing a light pink dress and groom is wearing dark pants and a light grey sweater. Captured by Portland OR wedding photographer Carlos Hernandez
      San Juan Islands Wedding Photography of couple holding hands and walking towards Cattle Point Lighthouse during their engagement session. Captured by wedding photographer of Portland OR Carlos Hernandez
      portland wedding photography of biracial couple holding each other tight, she is wearing a white dress and vail and groom is wearing black suit. Captured by Portland Wedding Photographer Carlos Hernandez
      Film photo of bride wearing a flowy yellow dress running away from the camera against a black backdrop. Captured by Portland wedding photographer Carlos Hernandez


      Laura + Nathan

      "We hired Carlos to be the photographer at our wedding, and we had a fantastic experience! We met beforehand to discuss packages, logistics, and cost, and he was warm, flexible, and accommodating. We loved that he shot film (browse his portfolio to see how enormously talented he is), and our final photos were incredible. We can't recommend him highly enough, thank you Carlos! - he is our favorite wedding photographer in Portland"

      Annelise + Kevin

      "We did not have to look very long at Portland wedding photographers. Working with Carlos was truly a first-class experience. If you are looking at Portland wedding photography, stop looking and book Carlos. Having great photos is worth every penny but having an incredible photographer who makes you feel extremely comfortable and makes the process fun and easy is above and beyond. Thank you Carlos!"





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      Portland, OR wedding photographer Carlos Hernandez travels the world capturing meaningful wedding, portrait, and editorial images in exotic locations. Though the Pacific Northwest is his home base, Carlos Hernandez has a passion for refined, adventurous destinations like the Tuscan hills and vibrant South America. He strives not only to create beautiful wedding photography for his clients, but also to mentor fellow global and Portland wedding photographers on providing a passionate and honest service to the wedding industry.

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