San Francisco California Coastal Styled Shoot and Mentoring


      Coastal Styled Shoot & Mentoring

      San Francisco, California
      Tuesday May 30, 2017

      Styled shoots are the way photographers create art and bring dreams to life. I am fortunate enough to be photographing several of these around the country this year. While reaching out to other amazing vendors to collaborate with, some of my peers asked if they could join in any way possible. I realized that not many people have the time to plan something like this, and I really liked the idea of sharing something so amazing with other photographers. I figured it would be a good way to share my knowledge in film photography or just photography in general. This is why the San Francisco California Coastal Styled Shoot was born!

      I am really excited to team up with Natalie Papova from Styled and Inspired and Angela Nunnink from Angela Nunnink Hair & Makeup for an amazing styled shoot in San Francisco California. We will share anything you want to know from lighting, composition, styling, gear, and much more on that day. We will answer any questions you may have whether they are about photography or business in general. Then we will move on to photographing three stations. The first will be a couple, the second a fully set up table with beautiful florals and dinner settings, and the third will be a styled board with hand-made calligraphy/stationery with hand-made wedding rings and other beautiful details.

      At the San Francisco California Coastal Styled Shoot, we will be taking on only a limited number of photographers to make sure that everyone gets enough space and time to photograph everything they want. Spaces will be filled in a first-come first-served basis, so please fill out the following form for more information if you are interested.

      We look forward to having you there!
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