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      It is very important to get to know your Fine Art Film Wedding Photographer. There are several details to consider when hiring someone to document such an important day like your wedding, such as photographic style, reputation, experience, and so much more. We have compiled a small Q&A to give you a little more insight into who we are. We like to provide only the highest quality service, so please don’t hesitate to contact us if you have any other questions.

      When can we see our pictures?

      Pixie dust is added to every photo and the metamorphosis takes about 2-3 months. Depending on the time of the year. Summers are the busiest time of the year. Honestly, I usually can’t wait to edit your photos and the process might take much less time. I really enjoy sending out previews soon after the wedding.

      How many photos should we expect?

      We typically average 90 deliverable photos per hour, but that is not the maximum we will take by any means. Your day is too important to only take a set number of photos. you will see us snapping photos pretty much the whole time we are there. We want to make sure not to miss any important moments.

      What kind of equipment do you use?

      While the equipment does not make the photographer we do make sure that all of our gear is professional grade and the best tool to capture your big day. We always bring backups, we can’t be too careful. If you are wondering about brands, we use a mixture of Canon and Pentax.

      Do you shoot more than one wedding a day?

      Only if you are getting married more than once that day. I devote my whole day to you, whether your wedding is two hours long, or all day.

      Do you shoot digital or film?

      I am a hybrid photographer. I choose to photograph in an organic nature mixing digital and film. This allows me to slow down and turn my eye to detail, and document moments that are meaningful. I love the detail poured into every film image but also enjoy the speed that digital provides.

      How would you describe your style?

      Natural light, modern vintage, timeless, with a dash of awesomeness, but the technical term is Fine Art Film. I am moved by sincerity, gestures of purity, and the disappearing value of the tangible. My desire as an artist is to create photos that are full of life that express beauty in an honest way.

      How long have you been shooting?

      From What I can remember growing up, I was always the camera man, whether it was on family vacations or events, I always had a camera with me. I could not even try to count the number of images I have taken in my life. I launched my wedding business in 2010 after I graduated college and I have been capturing love stories ever since. It is safe to say that I will be doing this for a very long time.

      Do you travel for weddings?

      Yes I do, I love traveling. I have been to many different countries around the world for work but also just for fun. Photographing weddings in new and exciting places is secretly my favorite… but don’t tell my wife, she misses me when I am gone :). Please send me an email and I can give you more information and details about this.

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      All weddings are different and unique and deserve an appropriate photography package. I have created a few collections based on what most couples regularly choose. These collections can be adjusted to best fit your needs or we can create a completely custom collection à la carte. Please contact me for more information.

      * Prices are subject to change without notice. Current pricing is honored for sessions that are paid for at the time of booking.

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